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"There is (still) much to celebrate...)

Speaking with many of our local wedding and event suppliers, there’s general consensus that the trend towards elopements, ‘micro’ and outdoor weddings will continue to grow in popularity thanks to the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With official restrictions regarding group gatherings changing almost weekly - and the strong possibility that this Covid-weirdness will last (the so-called “new normal”) - weddings as we know them, grand events, catering to extended family and friends, won’t be the norm again for a long time. Social-distancing measures are likely to make big wedding celebrations essentially impossible (or prohibitively expensive) for the foreseeable future.

Even after big parties are once again deemed safe, smaller, intimate ceremonies are likely to remain in vogue. Smaller wedding celebrations have been growing in popularity over the past few years, and are likely to become even more so - not just for health reasons, but because coziness and intimacy are on-trend; couples are rethinking what’s important to them on their day, with a focus on guest experience, more quality time spent with each invitee and of course best possible value-for-money.

It's been fantastic, especially over the past few months, hearing regularly from couples either in the initial planning stages of their wedding (for 2021 and beyond), or (sadly) looking to secure a new venue as their original venue has cancelled their booking, owing to social distancing restrictions. All are seeking the perfect setting for an intimate celebration.

If you have ever dreamed of celebrating a special occasion on your own private estate, Terragong's relaxed country setting and peaceful, heritage-steeped character make it the ideal setting for a celebration with family, friends and colleagues. Make Terragong yours for the duration - we look forward to helping you host the ideal celebration – one that's intimate, exclusive and uniquely yours!!

Country house pool party!
Country house pool party!

(photo credit: Lonely Hunter Photography)

An idyllic garden wedding ceremony
An idyllic garden wedding ceremony

(photo credit: Lonely Hunter Photography)

You won't find a more rustic setting for a truly intimate celebration than Terragong's convict slab hut, circa 1824, which seats up to 20 for a banquet-style feast (above).

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