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Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Electricity was first introduced to Terragong in 1948; up until then, the homestead was lit by oil lamp and heated using coal.  The house well (located on what is now the swimming pool terrace) provided water for daily use until 1950, when the property was connected to town water. 


With our extensive renovation and modernisation, including the addition of numerous modern appliances, comes a responsibility to ensure our impact on the environment as a result of our day-to-day activities remains as minimal as possible.

Solar Power


Terragong is powered by an extensive 9.81kW solar PV Grid Connect system.  During ideal weather, the 30x SunPower 327W modules produce enough electricity to fully power the house and swimming pool plant as well as feed power back into the municipal grid.


Water Usage


We use rain water to flush all toilets, for laundry and to irrigate the gardens (showers and sinks are connected to mains water).




We treat our own sewage output onsite using a FujiClean wastewater treatment system, using treated effluent to drip water the farm orchard (underground dispersement).


We compost all suitable food and garden waste – with the help of our chooks it makes wonderfully rich mulch for the gardens.


We recycle all our glass, paper, cardboard, metal and plastics and attempt to reduce packaging containers where possible.


We use biodegradable, phosphate-free detergents and cleaning products and line-dry laundry (weather permitting).


Heating & Cooling


Rather than air-conditioning, we rely on ceiling fans and open windows (with fly screens) to provide cooling ventilation and cross-breezes.


In winter, low-voltage Nobo panel heaters are used throughout the guest rooms and public rooms.


Underfloor heating in bathrooms and the family & dining room is powered by electricity generated by our solar array.


Tesla High Power Wall Connector


In April 2016, Terragong became the first site in the Illawarra and the New South Wales South Coast region to join the Tesla Destination Charging program, with the installation of a Tesla charging station. The High Power Wall Connector is powered by Terragong’s extensive 10kWh solar array.


Barn with solar array
Installing the new rain water tank
Tesla charging station
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