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  • Simon Milner

Project 'Slab Hut'

The oldest building on the property - and of the highest heritage value - the slab hut at Terragong is an important part of the estate's history. Constructed in the early 1820s of cedar wood felled and hand-milled on site, the hut originally housed two convicts who managed the farm for the then owners. A charcoal sketch of the slab hut and original settlers' cabin is in the collection of the Mitchell Library, Sydney.

It has been modified many times and served multiple functions in the ensuing two centuries - as a residence for animals as well as humans, a stable, storeroom and workshop, and provided garaging for the first motorcar in the district - a Hudson Super Six purchased for £850 in 1923 by Ernest Marks.

With the assistance of local builder Darren from DWT Constructions in Kiama, we're undertaking some much-needed maintenance work, securing existing slabs, door jams and weight-bearing columns, replacing an old and rusted garage roller door with screened barn doors - all to ensure that the hut is still standing for years to come. The adjoined horsebox now houses the electric vehicle charger (for use by our Tesla-driving guests) as well as the swimming pool pump/filtration plant.

The hut forms the backdrop to the swimming pool terrace, so once this remediation work has been completed, we're planning on furnishing the interior with a long table and chairs, ideal for lazy lunches and other gatherings - ushering in yet another chapter in its long, useful life!

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