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  • Simon Milner

Daisy's anniversary...

It’s a special day today as we celebrate the one year anniversary of rescue puppy Daisy’s arrival at Terragong. As the pictures attest, over the past year our little bundle of mischief has grown into….well, a somewhat larger bundle of mischief! She has taken to her role of 'General Manager, Meet & Greet' with gusto and displays a real aptitude for problem solving; as some guests have discovered, being slow in getting out of your car is no obstacle to her extending the warmest of welcomes – she’s happy to climb in with you!

With practice and maturity, her skillset continues to expand as well as improve. Case in point – she has progressed from eating the newspaper to retrieving it each morning from the end of the driveway and delivering it to the breakfast table. Whilst further training continues in regards to cocktail napkins (which must be pilfered and shredded at every opportunity), HR is pleased to note that it has been months since Daisy appeared poolside during wine service with a piece of guests clothing (liberated from their room) and refused to hand it back (@theaustraliantraveller hope the replacement ones were the right fit?).

She has grown into a most enthusiastic member of the Terragong team, her perky ears on constant alert for the sound of a car entering the driveway gates, which without fail sets her tail to wagging; she will sit in a window seat for hours after guests have departed, gazing out at the parking yard, willing their return. She is keen to assist other departments at every opportunity (Gardening & Maintenance? Hole digging and hose biting mastered with ease) as well as assist visiting trades-persons (@windowwarrior2533 we’ve located your squeedgee; not sure what it was doing out in the paddock?).

Daisy has grown into a most affectionate and loving ‘little miss’ and Terragong wouldn’t be the same without you (although Artie the rescue cat might tell you otherwise!)…

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