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  • Simon Milner

What a little rain can do....

It's been a particularly dry February (at least by Jamberoo standards!), but we've said farewell to the last of summer with a couple of days of very welcome rainfall, at times some quite heavy showers. And wow what a difference it has made to the landscape! Our garden beds, lawns and paddocks soaked up every drop that fell upon them and our water tanks are again full to overflowing, harvesting what fell on the roof. The Jerrara Creek which forms our western boundary is again flowing at a rapid rate, and nearly up to the top of the riverbanks - attracting flocks of heron to drink and bathe daily.

But the most spectacular sight is the Terragong Swamp, and in particular the drive along Swamp Road, the paddocks either side blanketed in Zephyranthes 'rain lily'. A beautiful sight to behold and a very fitting carpet rolled out to welcome our guests on their approach to the house....these pictures were taken this morning by Darryl.

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