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  • Simon Milner

Eggcitement all 'round!

Today we took delivery of four new additions to the Terragong chook flock, with the arrival of four Australorp chooks, three black and one rarer blue, bred and raised by our lovely neighbour Megan at Fountaindale Foods. Megan's daughter (and Fountaindale's Chief Chook Wrangler) Willa personally chose these four for us, and helped pack them into their carry case for the four minute drive to their new home at Terragong. And she was most definitely in charge of unloading the four into the chook enclosure, making sure that they seemed happy in their new digs before giving them all a final farewell hug!

In another few weeks' time Megan (and Willa!) will be delivering to us some Plymouth Rock chooks as well as a couple of Sussex breed (we're still undecided as to the need for a Sussex rooster, but we're wavering on our prior decision to keep noise to a minimum by not having a rooster in the coop!)...

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