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  • Simon Milner

Centuries-old craftsmanship

Today we had our first look at the open roof trusses for the new extension, which we’ve commissioned from Chris at Traditional Timber Frames in the Southern Highlands. We have opted for the Queen Post Truss style in a combination of Australian hardwoods: a mix of sustainably sourced Blackbutt, some Stringybark and Grey Box. The timbers are jointed using mortice and tenon joinery and secured with riven hardwood pegs. Each peg is handmade to provide maximum strength and whenthey are driven into the joint, they pull the tenon tight into the mortice.

Chris was down this morning for a final on-site check with our builder Alan Jurd, and the trusses are due to be delivered to us on Wednesday, finished on site and then craned into place.

For more information on this centuries-old craft, check out Chris’ website at

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