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  • Simon Milner

Reno recap, week #4

The weather was hardly conducive to being outdoors thanks to a wet and cold southerly blowing, yet Alan and his team cracked on to reach a major milestone last week, pouring the slab for the new kitchen/dining/living/laundry extension.

Meanwhile the plumber was busy installing the requisite feed and drain pipes for one of three new guestroom bathrooms as well as the butler’s pantry, which involved cutting access holes in the floor across the rear of the existing weatherboard structure to excavate and achieve the fall required for waste flow to the new septic system; the access holes are also required for replacing worn-out footings and joists under the house.

Once the slab had sufficiently set, work commenced on removing the weatherboard cladding on what was an exterior wall, soon to become an adjoining wall once construction of the new wing is underway. Weatherboards were replaced with new lining and a waterproof insulating membrane tacked in place – just in the nick of time, with two days of fairly consistent rain following.

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