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  • Simon Milner

Reno recap, week #1

It was full steam ahead last week as our builder Alan’s team commenced stripping out the existing kitchen and laundry room in readiness for demolition. Our temporary cooking facilities have been set up in the sunroom and are working out well, although washing dishes in the bathtub for the next few months is going to prove hard on the knees.

The floor in the old farm office (which is being converted into an ensuite bathroom) has been removed in order to gain access for rectification work (new joists and foundations/footings for the single story guest wing) and new plumbing requirements. In what will become the guest rooms, carpets have been lifted and wallpaper stripped.

Discoveries so far include: • a piece of an old metal Penguin Ice Cream tin used to patch a section of floorboard • newspaper from the 1930s found under multiple layers of lino in the old pantry and kitchen • Grass growing inside the wall cavities of the kitchen

And so on to week two!

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