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Cinnamon scrolls

Not that any excuse is needed to bake (and scoff) these, but the windy weather the other day was most conducive to baking - the smell of these in the oven is in itself the perfect antidote to any chill the weather may bring :) And in response to requests from friends on Instagram, here's the recipe!

For the dough:

½ cup milk (125 mls)

¼ cup caster sugar (55 g)

2 tsps dried yeast

2 ⅔ cups plain flour (400 g)

pinch salt

2 eggs

50 g unsalted butter melted

For the filling:

½ cup brown sugar

½ cup walnuts, chopped

1 cup stewed apple, chunky (or one small tin of apple pie slices, chopped roughly, works well)

For the glaze, mix together (until no lumps!):

1 cup icing sugar

1 tbspn maple syrup

1 tspn vanilla extract

1 tspn warm water

Heat milk until lukewarm. Remove from heat and lightly whisk in sugar and yeast. Set aside in a warm place for 20 minutes, or until frothy. Sift combined flour and salt into a large bowl. Make well in centre. Pour in yeast mixture, eggs and butter. Gradually stir into flour mixture until a dough forms. Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and knead for 5 to 10 minutes until smooth and elastic. Cover and stand in a warm place for approx. 45 minutes, or until doubled in size.

Roll out the dough into a rectangle roughly 30cm x 50cm, spread with the apple then top with the brown sugar and walnuts. Roll into a log 50cm in length, and slice into 8-10 pieces (to form scrolls). Arrange slices, cut-side up, in pan. Cover and set aside in a warm place for 25 minutes, or until again doubled in size.

Bake in a moderate oven (180C) for about 25 to 30 minutes, or until golden brown. Stand in pan for 5 minutes before turning out onto a plate.

While still warm drizzle with half the glaze mixture; allow to cool fully and then pour the remaining glaze on top and allow to set.

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