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  • Simon Milner

Fancy a round?

Confession time. The closest we've ever been to 'playing' golf was caddying for a friend, with the promise of an afternoon spent at the 19th hole. And we're probably more skilled at fishing an olive out of a very dry martini than we are at getting a little round thing into an even littler hole....So a dear friend (and avid golfer) Michael put together this handy review - based on personal, repeated experience - of the nine (yep, nine!) golf courses within a 30km/half hour drive of Terragong.

Our local green, The Jamberoo Golf Club (pictured) is less than 4km from our doorstep in a tranquil pastural setting, while the farthest (at 30km distance) is the championship-length Wollongong Golf Club, adjoining the seaside yet in the heart of the CBD!

All welcome visitors and we're happy to arrange bookings on your behalf - just let us know when you book your stay at Terragong!

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