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Reno recap, week #13

With the wet weather in no hurry to pass, the week saw a continued focus on interior fit-outs, both in the new build as well as the existing weatherboard guestroom wing; installation of the skylights was pushed back a week for obvious reasons!

Alan and his team reinstalled skirting boards in the bedrooms as well as completed all window and door trims and architraves. The tilers knocked-off a good portion of the mud room toilet and shower as well as the second of the three guestroom en suite bathrooms. The underfloor heating was laid in the new kitchen extension (the tilers will lay the screed and commence tiling the floor in the coming week). We also took delivery of the wood burning fireplace for our new family room, which will be installed once the floor tiles have been laid.

Red was kept busy as well, hand-shaping new hardwood treads for all interior doorways, as well as installing new sash weights and cords and new window hardware on the existing (and now beautifully refurbished) sash and casement windows.

Outside, the painters worked around the regular rain showers to complete the undercoating of the new build; we’ve opted for a colour called Half Napa, described as a “changeable neutral”, a blend of muted ochre, green and grey. Council dictated as part of our DA approval that the new build must complement the existing structure, whilst clearly delineating new from old – the vertical weatherboard cladding and the exterior colour clearly defines the new from the old with a subtle contrast.

Finally all of the trenches excavated last week for power and drainage were back-filled (much to the annoyance of the chooks, who were enjoying easy access to a worm banquet!).

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