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Reno recap, week #9

Wet, wet, wet…this week the inclement weather and the overflowing Jerrara Dam were our principle focus. Water from the Jerrara Creek inundated the front garden as it made its way under Jamberoo Road and into Terragong Swamp, remaining well clear of the house and out-buildings. We were fortunate that the new roof went on at the end of last week; it was certainly given a thorough leak-test at the beginning of the week with the rain hammering down.

The team from Water Well managed to squeak in the excavation and installation of the new septic system tank and pumps on Monday morning before the skies opened. The tank was filled with water from our rain water tank to ensure it didn’t pop out of the ground and float away.

Unable to continue work on the exterior of the new build, Alan Jurd and his team - instead of completing the exterior cladding of vertical weatherboards - carried on with internal works, completing the new partition wall in the butler’s pantry to create space for a dry-goods store.

Work also continued on the first of three guest room bathrooms, with installation of gyprock wall panels. By the end of the week the waterproof membrane had been completed, ready for installation of the underfloor heating and the arrival of the tiler next week.

And our wonderful neighbours Jan and Rod at Park Mount in Jerrara gifted us this print of an old parish map of the region from the Land and Property Management Authority of New South Wales, which features Terragong and the original Marks’ family land allocation/grant (Terragong Swamp is highlighted in green), which we’ve had framed to hang in a guest area of the new build.

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