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  • Simon Milner

Reno recap, week #8

And we’ve reached the half-way point of our four-month build project!

This week’s major milestone was completion of the new roof on the kitchen extension as well as installation of a box gutter where new roof meets existing. Again the weather remained fine, allowing the roofing contractor to complete the job in two days. We’ve chosen Woodland Grey as the colour for the new roof, as it is a match for the existing roof over the veranda.

Inside the space, the full effect of the exposed ceiling trusses became apparent as the roofing went on. With windows in place and exterior wall sarking completed, we’re now at lock-up stage. The new weatherboard exterior cladding has been delivered on site, and installation will be underway early next week.

Over the course of a day, the jib door to a guest room en-suite was completed and installed; when the doorway was cut, the weatherboard wall panels were carefully removed, individually numbered and then replaced on the new door panel.

The team from WaterWell in Albion Park commenced installation of the seep-away component for the new septic system in two fields to the west of the house, an area of 400 square metres in total. The new septic tank has been delivered, and excavation and installation is due for the coming week. We’re expecting a visit from Kiama Council to check that installation has been completed to their satisfaction.

We’ve also had follow-on meetings with Daniel Herbert of Vista Landscapes and Stonework, to spec-out the details for the new dry stone walls for the parking courtyard, as specified in the landscape masterplan completed by Myles Baldwin.

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