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  • Simon Milner

Creating a Terragong sourdough starter and other assorted adventures in baking.

A particularly active batch of the new Terragong sourdough starter, made with wholemeal rye flour and water. How does something so spectacularly ugly wind up tasting so spectacularly good? It took a few days of feeding to get underway but once it sprang to life there was no holding it back. It's been put to use in the baking of bread (including olive and rosemary and seed loaves), as well as cinnamon sourdough scrolls with sultanas and a maple vanilla icing (feedback on these was especially 'thumbs-up' so they will definitely be included on the bed and breakfast menu)...

And of course our chooks' eggs also feature in the baking process, with yolks so golden there's absolutely no question of their being free-range!

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