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  • Simon Milner

Creating a landscape master plan

Following site visits and initial consultations in late November, we've engaged the services of Myles Baldwin Design to complete the landscape master plan for Terragong, including drainage, new hedging, reintroduction of a farm orchard and a walled kitchen garden. Other items on the to-do list include levelling of the front lawn (croquet anyone?), widening of the driveway entrance and introduction of dry stone walls (which are such a beautiful part of the Jamberoo landscape).

Myles is an award-winning landscape designer and author of a number of garden design books including 'Period Gardens: Landscapes for Houses with History' and 'Rural Australian Gardens'. Myles started in the industry as head gardener at Bronte House in Sydney. His website features images of his work at

We’ve also engaged a local fencing contractor to refence the paddock (nearly a kilometre of fencing in total); as soon as the paddock is secure we’ll be able to offer agistment of our neighbour’s dairy cattle.

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