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  • Simon Milner

And the restoration work begins...

Kicking off some major restoration work today on the windows throughout the main house - a total of twelve double-hung sash windows and two sets of veranda doors that are overdue for some TLC. We're lucky to have coaxed Red, a talented carpenter with decades of experience working on historic homes (and various projects with Darryl over the years), out of semi-retirement and down to Jamberoo to complete the work for us.

Over the coming weeks, all windows will be lifted from their frames and repair work to all parts will be completed (see the sketch for the proper window terminology), a few broken or cracked panes of glass to be replaced with glass matched to the 1858 original panes; doors to the veranda (rotted across the skirting due to exposure to the elements) repaired using cedar (again to match the original wood), then rehung...a mammoth effort!

We're fortunate to have an example of the original bone-handled window fixtures remaining on the upstairs landing, so it's off to the restoration hardware specialist in Sydney to source eleven matching ones.

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