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Join us at Terragong for a

Night with the Stars

Friday 14th & Saturday 15th September, 2018
Join us for a special weekend in beautiful Jamberoo,
where the sky at night rivals the daytime scenery. 

Secluded from man-made light pollution, Terragong's idyllic country setting is perfect

for exploring the nighttime display of stars and other assorted celestial bodies.  


Our second star gazing weekend took place (a full house!) on Friday 14th & Saturday 15th September, 2018 
(scheduled to coincide with the new moon for optimal star gazing)

and on the Friday night you’ll be treated to a guided introduction to the wonders of the night sky

with local astronomy expert David Finlay.   


A talented photographer with a particular interest in astrophotography, David will also provide
an expert tutorial on the night, covering the basics of 
DSLR astrophotography. 
You'll learn all you need to know to start capturing stunning images of the Milky Way,
moon, star-trail images as well as time lapse photographs and video.

This weekend is not available to book online -
please telephone us on 02 4236 1836 to reserve your stay for this special event.

The rate for this special two-night stay is $725 per room/double occupancy.
Inclusions: a two-night stay for two adults in a queen-bedded guestroom, including a daily two-course breakfast and
an hour of wine & canapé service each afternoon, Friday night star gazing astronomy event with DSLR astrophotography workshop. Single occupancy discount not available.  Minimum two-night stay applies to all bookings.

Your Guide to the Night Sky...


David Finlay is a local astronomer who holds regular stargazing workshops at Kiama Blowhole. He’s known as an “event astronomer”; if there is something exciting happening in the night sky he will be either filming or photographing it. 

David has seen four total solar eclipses (even one from Antarctica), numerous meteor showers, comets, lightning sprites, asteroids, and has lost count how many times he has seen and photographed aurora australis from the Kiama region. He runs ClearSkiesTV, a science-based YouTube channel which has over 7.5 million views.

David has worked closely with Curtin and Monash Universities to hunt meteorites, and has even collaborated with NASA on one of their long range space balloon projects.

Unspoiled by man-made light sources, 
and with few visual obstructions,

Terragong is the perfect setting from which
to admire the majesty of the night sky.

Friday September 14, 2018 -
Join us for a Night with the Stars
at Terragong!

Once you have returned from dinner at one of the areas’ many great restaurants (guests’ own arrangements), we’ll gather together at 8.30pm in the Terragong family room where you'll enjoy an introduction by David to the night’s coming attractions - a warming hot toddy in hand by the open fire - and be supplied with your Terragong hamper on loan for the evening, complete with:

Aurora Australis from Jamberoo

Photo copyright 2005 D Finlay Aurora Australis from Jamberoo

  • Cosy blankets to wrap up in

  • A thermos flask of hot chocolate (and a cheeky nip or two of single malt whiskey)

  • Freshly home-baked shortbread and chocolate brownies

  • A stargazing reference sheet to help you navigate the constellations

  • A torch to navigate your way as you venture out into the darkness

  • A hot water bottle to help ward off the night time chill

Four moons of Jupiter

Photo copyright D Finlay  The Four Moons of Jupiter

Expert instruction on
DSLR Astrophotography

Based on feedback from our inaugural event and the enormous interest guests showed in photographing what they were experiencing, David will also include on the night a professional tutorial covering the basics of DSLR astrophotography - from the best kit (cameras, lenses and apps) to all the techniques - designed to teach you what you need to know to start capturing beautiful images of the night sky.

​You'll learn all about snapping long exposure shots (the ones showing stars streaking across the sky in a dizzying array of circles) as well as short exposure shots (the more traditional yet no less breathtaking photos of the Milky Way), and be entertained by David all the while with tales of his photographic exploits, chasing astral events around the globe.

The image at top right was taken by one of the guests at our inaugural star gazing weekend under the guidance of David, not bad for a first attempt at astrophotography!

Guests with a particular interest in the photography aspect of the night are asked to bring their own DSLR camera (entry-level is fine), with manual controls and interchangeable lenses (wide angle lenses highly recommended!) as well as a tripod.

As the night concludes (around midnight), it’s back to the warmth of your Terragong bed and a great night’s sleep.

Accompanied by David, you’ll venture a short distance (40 metres or so) to the Terragong western lawn to drink in the beauty of the night sky.  With the aid of a telescope and David's high-power laser pointer, you will venture into the depths of our galaxy and beyond.


Typically, you will observe star forming regions, star clusters and galaxies, and within our own solar system Jupiter (the ‘King of Planets’).  Closer to home? Satellites orbiting the Earth. 

On the night of September 14th (as long as the weather cooperates!) the constellations of Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces will all be visible, as well as an array of planets including Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus.




The Milky Way over Terragong Jamberoo

The Milky Way over Terragong, Jamberoo

Photo copyright Nicole Wallace Photography @theaustraliantraveller

Time lapse image of the night sky at Terragong Jamberoo

Timelapse image of the Inaugural Star Gazing event at Terragong, July 2018

Photo copyright David Finlay

This weekend is not available to book online -
please telephone us on 02 4236 1836 to reserve your stay for this special event.

The rate for this special two-night stay is $725 per room/double occupancy.

Single occupancy discount not available.  Minimum two-night stay applies to all bookings, rate for nights either side are standard rate.

Please note that due to the weather-dependent nature of this event, in the event that Mother Nature doesn't cooperate on the night, the outdoor activities will be replaced by an astronomy talk and astrophotography hands-on tutorial fireside, by our special guest David.

We strongly advise guests to bring good binoculars and/or camera with them, as well as warm weather clothing.  Please note that to take advantage of the astrophotography tutorial, guests must bring a good-quality DSLR camera and tripod (mobile phone cameras and point and shoot digital cameras do not offer the required resolution recording abilities). ​ 

Minimum two-night stay applies to all bookings, room rate of $725 is for two nights (Friday and Saturday) accommodation is per room/double occupancy - single occupancy rate not available. 

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